Oh, yes, come in. Let me dust the human remains from this chair Ė please, sit down! Iíve been redecorating. Donít you just love the charred animal corpses Iíve nailed to the walls? What about the thick layer of mucus on the floor Ė soft on your feet, no?

Why thank you! Yes, this is a lovely hellplace.

Please, peruse the games and comics I have on display. Just make sure not to touch, as they secrete a particularly corrosive acid.

You can also peer into the distilled mindthoughts I've preserved in my blog. My writing has been mentioned on sites such as Rock Paper Shotgun (twice), Critical Distance, The Brindle Blog and Sneaky Bastards.

Feel free to stay a while. Especially as the portal back to your dimension has a habit of turning people inside-out...

James Wragg is an artist and animator from Brighton (UK).

Contact: jamesrichardwragg (at) gmail.com